Thoughts about “Interweaving Performance Cultures”

I see “interweaving performance cultures” as a flexible perspective to inquire into the cultural adjustments, ambiguities, and misalignments performative events produce and manifest. I consider it meaningful that performance is mentioned instead of art – although art is certainly included – which shows such inquiries are not circumscribed to an elitist definition of art nor to a field with the official approval stamp of the academies. Thus, “interweaving performance cultures” in my view refers to a rigorous inquiry into the cultural complexities of human actions – as creative forms that enter into a dialogical relationship with others – that does not start from a single prescribed ideological, philosophical, aesthetic, or theoretical model. It refers to the manifold possibilities to open when we think about the performative events in a contemporary world marked by globalization, with a critical mind and an open eye for cultural subtlety, beyond – and sometimes in direct confrontation with – the ultimately similar homogenizing perspectives of Euro-centrism and political correctness.