Johanna Devi


February 13, 2017
In this interview, IRC-Fellow Johanna Devi, artist, choreographer and dancer, provides a personal insight into her artistic career and the choices leading up to the research project that she had pursued at the IRC. Following the stages of her training, she explains how dance and music as well as Germany and India have always been closely interwoven parts of her life. Devi describes the challenges of the project that aimed at elaborating the metaphysical connection of performers and audience members asking how ether or space could serve as a medium for the transportation of subtle energies that communicate the state of the performer to the viewer. read more
June 6, 2016
In her second post, dance artist and IRC-Fellow Johanna Devi reports from her first weeks at the Center and explains how a photo of a forrest can say it all. read more
April 26, 2016
"Empty yourself of everything.
Let the mind rest at peace."

Dance artist and IRC-Fellow Johanna Devi shares a wonderful poem from Lao Tzu's collection The Tao Te Ching with us, explaining its importance to her and how it relates to her work. read more