Beyond the Small Things

Daya Bai in Berlin in September 2017 ©IRC/Stefan Donath

Beyond the Small Things

When I look up to the sky,
I see the tiny stars scattered all over.
On the sea shore or on a riverside,
I notice the grains of sand
For which hardly anyone cares.

All along the fields and the forests,
I look at the tiny wild pink beauty
And see the little blue flower
With just two leaves below it.

The insects and worms
Break the monotony of the green meadow
They are the finishing touch of the Great Artist.

Look at the often unnoticed “small people”
These half naked humans
Those nose watering naked children
Playing so very care free!

Do you see that bundle of bones
With a bit of skin and flesh around?
Clad in torn rags,
She is called a “poor woman”.

Do you see her trying to fit in
The crowed who cares not!
Look into her eyes, enter into her heart.
Put yourself in her naked feet.

Listen silently within you.
Listen to the inner voice.
You will never be the same.
Great are the small things.
Great are the “small people”.
Great is the Creator who made them!
Great it is to find greatness in them.