Kaori Nishio


June 16, 2016

The ten Festival Grant Awardees are part of a very small group of people who will watch all performances of Festival Theaterformen. With their heads filled with endless impulses and impressions they are discussing their thoughts in daily meetings, also reflecting on their own work as artists.

Kaori Nishio from Japan shares with us her idea and concept for a talk with the artists of the first festival weekend. Read her text about two imagined encounters. read more

June 15, 2016

As a spectactor, can you tell (and should you?) which country a performance comes from? In what way should an artist consider his origin when deciding what audience to aim at?

Japanese artist Kaori Nishio – one of our Festival Grant Awardees – touches those points in her review of Toshiki Okada's performance "God Bless Baseball". read more