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On the occasion of the conference DANCE/BODY AT THE CROSSROADS OF CULTURES, which took place in Nicosia, Cyprus in June 2011, Rustom Bharucha presented the opening keynote lecture on the notion of the dance body, movement, transformation, and the politics of touch.
Listen to the lecture here. read more
Psychophysical Training with Phillip Zarrilli In March 2010, our Fellow Phillip Zarrilli gave a workshop at Tanzfabrik Berlin. This short film features parts of the presentation and exercises. read more
Psychophysical Training with Phillip Zarrilli "... follow the breath with the inner eye ... residual awareness of the point ... forwarding down, inhalation back, and up, exhalation forward, and down ... sustain the stretch ... don't second-guess your impulse ... oops, everyone is not together ... once it's in play you have to deal with it ... slide left, sense right, slide right, sense left, slide the left back, sense the left, slide the right back, sense the right ..." read more