Nora Amin


May 4, 2017
In December 2016, Christel Weiler shared her impressions about a performance called Earthport in her essay "The Art of Encounter" here on Textures. Now, the project's director and former IRC-Fellow Nora Amin talks about the same performance, describing the process of rehearsing and performing from her point of view, and sharing her observations and thoughts with us. read more
April 19, 2016
In her second article on Textures the Egyptian writer, performer and director Nora Amin, who is currently IRC-Fellow at the Center, develops her thoughts on the relation of torture and performance and its impact on the Egyptian society as well as on the Egyptian (performing) arts. read more
March 16, 2016
In this interview, IRC-Fellow Nora Amin, a writer, performer, choreographer, theater director and educator from Egypt, discusses her reasons for creating "La Musica Independent Theatre Group." After the short overview of her theater experience, the interview focuses on her switch in interest from a more traditional theater to street theater and theater as a clear form of activism. In this context, she talks about her involvement with the first production of An Enemy of the People in Arabic language and her research project on her experience in producing a play during politically turbulent times. Her research focuses on the intersection between the culture of performance and the culture of protest. read more
February 2, 2016
"The main loss in this situation is a loss of human communication and of identity. A loss of human behavior."

Nora Amin, current IRC-Fellow, states this about the rapes that took place on Tahrir Square five years ago. The following essay relentlessly describes those attacks on women and the Egyptian state - a political statement on the sexism and racism as "two sides of the same coin". read more