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When Abheesh Sasidharan, visiting Doctoral Candidate at the Center, approached us with the idea of inviting Daya Bai, activist for ecology, human rights and feminism, we trusted his suggestion. He said that it would be something special to meet Daya Bai personally. And he was absolutely right! Daya Bai is one of those people who are fighting for a bigger cause instead of focusing only on their own lives. During the exchange with our Fellows, she described the crucial stages of her life, explained why she had decided to live with the tribal people in one of the poorest regions of India and raised questions like: What does it mean to fight for the rights of the oppressed? And how does the personal experience in the difficult handling of local authorities shatter the foundation of your own convictions and hopes? Looking for answers to these questions, Daya Bai emphasized the important role that theater plays in fighting poverty through empowerment. Before saying goodbye, she left us one of her poems to share with you. read more